MUSIC: Such obscure findings of Salome Bey—radiant in song—are treasures

Suspended in cyber space is rare footage of a young Salome Bey, Canada’s legendary songbird, actress and composer.  One clip in particular sparkles. It was filmed at La Chat Qui Peche, a jazz nightclub in Paris circa 1964, and it’s featured in a documentary about the late trumpeter Chet Baker.  Wearing a string of pearls, Salome Bey sings next to sister Geraldine while their brother Andy is on the piano—together they’re the textured trio, Andy and the Bey Sisters.

For audience and camera they belt out “Smooth Sailing,” an Arnett Cobb composition that swings.  Their harmony seems effortless. Kenny “Klook” Carter is there—so smooth he is on drums, a cigarette dangles obediently from his lips for the entire performance.


This post is an edited excerpt from my article for Sway published 2011
Youtube video source:  thegooddoctor72

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