James told you: Think on why you need it


Your collective disability leaves you many rivers to cross.

Your inability will have you drowning in one.

There it goes. That’s not a life anymore.

Can’t see past rolling waves of hideous

cold, sad, debilitating fear.

Oh, how it came to grow in you, spread in you

fungal with a will of its own

the thing you cling to, hold on to, hard.

Drowning with it.

There it goes. That’s not a life anymore.

Believing but not even knowing why?

That’s as sad as it is heavy; a burden.

Drowning from it.

There it goes. Call your 911. That’s not a life.

That collective disability leaves you many,

many rivers to cross.

Drown if you must.

—stylo, april 19, 2018, #I am not your negro, #Starbucks