When our words are meaningful, what we say becomes invaluable.

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The first draft is never where it should be. Before the fixes to grammar and typos, you’ll need a structural edit and a stylistic edit. That’s working on the organization of what’s said in your text and how you say it.

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Writing is a skill that works best when it’s sharpened right down to a fine point. Practice revising. Here are some fine points on elements of style and challenges of writing from editors and writers.

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Using our senses to explore craft in this mixed bag of STYLO© writings. Stuff from familiar places like inspiration, tellings, and creations. Whatever gets us to the writing board.

STYLO Editing
  • Confirms your writing goals
  • Verifies copy readability
  • Reviews its cohesion
  • Weighs your ideas
  • Gives feedback on clarity
  • Assesses tone and language
  • Suggests corrections
Writers: Take Note

“We need a heroic writers’ movement: assertive, militant, pugnacious.”

Toni Morrison, Keynote Address, American Writers Congress, 1981
STYLO (steel-oh) is …
  1. a person’s swagger
  2. a growth on the eyelid
  3. a French word for pen
  4. an Italian word for fashion

Answer: 3

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