I’ve had the pleasure of editing for remarkable writers. From vision to the marked up page, they created an impact in what they said and how they said it.

Structural & stylistic editing support the writing in the way the foundation, the pillars, and arches support a building. My collaboration with clients has us focused on putting their words to work so that the copy stands strong. Here are gift-worthy books that resonate with readers, delivering the author’s message loud and clear.

Pastel Remembrances cover
Book cover design by Fimo Mitchell

Pastel Remembrances by author and meditation guide Fimo Mitchell is an offering of 16 short stories that will take readers to different places from where they stand. A testimonial of travelling abroad, each story touches the pulse of what ignites societies. Captured are the dynamics of relationships in environments unlike what we think we know. These stories peel back the layers of what it means to see and to be seen in an unfamiliar place, and what transpires as a result.

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Game Face: The Media Training Playbook, 19 Cautionary Tales

By Bodine Williams

“The book is written in a concise and accessible style … a book to have to master the basics of media interviews. Highly recommended.”

–Amazon verified purchase

Paperback & Kindle edition

Book cover design by David Drummond

Each chapter tells the story of a celebrated encounter: the players, the fallout, and the lessons learned.

Bodine Williams

Book design by Megan DelGrande

It Took Me 10 Years To Lose 10 Pounds

By Kelly Clark

“I really appreciate how well you’ve articulated how to go about leading a healthy and happy life. You’ve set out a blueprint for those who want to make positive changes.”

–Louise, Canada

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Simplify reaching and maintaining a healthy weight so you can focus on your real goals.

Kelly clark

BYOB: The Unapologetic Guide to Being Your Own Boss

By Gloria Roheim McRae

“Gloria has put together a clear and thoughtful approach to focusing in on what value you offer to clients and how to get your message out to the world, specifically to your niche audience, in a clear and authentic way.”

— Amazon verified purchase

Hardcover & Kindle edition

Book design by Megan DelGrande

Creativity in business has never been more respected than it is today.

Gloria Roheim McRae