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Saada STYLO© is my freelance editing and writing business launched in 2005.

Saada Branker is my name. In Swahili, Saada roughly means help, and in Arabic it’s closer to happiness.

Stylo (pronounced Steel-OH)

A pen—that’s what Stylo means in French. I pore over copy as though I have a red one in hand. I also have style guides, dictionaries, software, apps, and years of experience researching, editing and writing.

Forget: la plume de ma tante. Your aunt is family.  Unless she edits and writes, she won’t work copy as thoroughly as I do.


Editing- Grammar for Editors and Writers; Copy Editing; and Structural & Stylistic Editing, George Brown College (Toronto)

Journalism- B.A.A., Ryerson University Journalism for Graduates (Toronto)

Political Science- B.A., Concordia University (Montreal)


Professional Writers of Canada-PWAC (expired, but well worth the investment)

Editors Canada

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