Life gets in the way of living. – Saada Branker

Attention to your details

Saada Branker was born in Montréal, Québec, where she graduated from Concordia University in political science.  Having had her fill of working government and community contract jobs, she packed a van and drove to Toronto, her new home, to attend Ryerson University’s journalism program for graduates.

New to the city, she interned at The Toronto Sun before landing a program assistant position at CBC Newsworld. There she became an associate producer in business news while writing as a media columnist and features writer for WORD Magazine, an urban culture publication.

In 2005 she launched Saada STYLO and made her freelancing career official.

As an editor, Saada specializes in delivering clean copy for organizations, businesses and writers.

As a published writer, she’s guided by her recorder, dictionary and bank of ideas. She also speaks about journalism on panels and in schools.

With her keen eye, Saada seeks other nomads of different cultures, shoe sizes, opinions, and experiences to keep her focused, forever documenting for posterity.


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