A Slower Pace Reveals My Unhealthy Habit

A sensory experience in Barbados: Atlantic Ocean waves roaring in Bathsheba, St. Joseph.

Barbados is beautiful by its people and by its landscape.

Taking in flat terrain as far as my eye can see. Taking in warm breeze; as much of it as I can breathe.
In the countryside of St. George, I stop to watch the horses.

As the days progress and the frenzied pace decelerates, I truly feel this is my island in the sun. But here is the thing: I’m getting skinny. Stress can do that. Some people put on pounds; I lose them. In Toronto, planning for this work trip on Hurricane Janet had me skipping breakfast almost every morning.

My futile flex after an interview in Oistins.
My futile flex after an interview in Oistins.

That bad habit continues in Barbados, which now has me wondering why – when it comes to food – does maintaining our health and wellness feel like actual work?

When we’re skipping meals or reaching for sugary cereals and processed, fatty foods for our “most important meal of the day” (the debate continues over that point), our bodies suffer because of our food choices. We can count on that. There is no revelation or new news here. Most people, including myself, understand this correlation. Still, I think I’m slick. Just because I’m not falling over onto a hospital stretcher, I keep the bad habit alive. Is that Toronto-esque? Wait, don’t answer that. It’s just harebrained.

Clearly, my island in the sun is telling me about myself and the counterproductive lifestyle I’ve developed around daily meals. Let’s see what I can do to correct that.


Published by Saada STYLO

Saada Branker is a freelance features writer and copy editor putting words to work. Her home-based business, Saada STYLO, offers organizations and businesses writing and editing services. A Ryerson University journalism graduate, Saada specializes in delivering clean copy and is guided by her recorder, dictionary, and bank of ideas. She seeks other nomads of different cultures, shoe sizes, opinions, and experiences to keep her focused as a features writer, forever documenting for posterity.

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